Sunday, December 18, 2005

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Saturday, February 19, 2005


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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Online auction experiences

These days I have
been addicted to

ebay, the online auction market

My first sale on ebay
was my portable TV, it was bought from empire direct for  £ 110. Finally I
managed to sell it for  £ 90 when it was one year old last March, the ebay and
paypal fee were actually quite expensive, so what i actually got was  £ 83. When
back to China, I sold my DC and mp3 player for around RMB 400 and RMB 300, they
got a bargain I think, any way, it was better than dump them into the bin.

I was eventually feed
up with my Sony MZ-N1 Minidisc Player, so I decided to buy a new potable player.
iPod seems to be a good choice though the batteries life is disappointing. I
bought a iPod photo 40G for only  £ 295 on eBay, compare to the high street
price £359, it was really a bargain! iPod was really a vampire, the main unit is
expensive, the accessories come with it are far more expensive. I have sold the
original iPod earphone for an amazingly high price £15 because on other auctions
it was normally sold for around £10-12. I then bought a Sony earphone

from Japan for £35, it was a fantastic in-ear earphone. My first
in-ear earphone was MDR-EX70SL(now it upgrades to

), bought for 350RMB 3 years ago, a very nice experience but it
retired early last year. OK, I will have a good earphone, what about remote?
There is no remote comes with ipod. I have to buy one. Amazon sells remote with
earphone for £31.99, hey but I have already bought one! Here ebay comes again!
Another £22 gone… iPod comes with no backup batteries pack, so another must buy.

Well I have spent a
lot of money in a few days. I also have sold some items to recover around half
the cost. The Yamaha EX-250 Keyboard was gone, it cost me £230, rarely used, but
only sold for £140 (wanna cry!), the Saitek P2500 PC Rumble Force Pad sold for
£16. ah… Now my

MZ-N1 was on auction
, I doubt it worth much money nowadays, so I set the
starting price to be 99 pence!! Oh god! It cost me 2600 RMB 2 years ago !!!

On eBay you will
notice that many items are very cheap, but beware that some people charge
ridiculous p&p, they earn money from p&p. and there are also some guys are
selling ipods for some cheap prices say £20, don't believe it and do check de
description carefully, you may end up getting only a link (a pyramid program,
get rewards for refering new members) for £20 pounds!!!

Although you can get
cheap stuff from ebay, but you musy be very careful, you may also get rubbish
for a lot of money.

I encountered a guy called deane
. This guy emailed and told me he wanted to buy a my MD as a present
for his friend in Africa, but will only send me the money through Western Union
Money order. The trick is, he sent me a email using a free email account, this
email pretends to be from Western Union, telling me that I have received a money
order from deane, and I must send the item and tell them the tracking number,
the I will be able to get the money. The guy’s trick was so naïve since at the
end of the phishing email, it contains

“  Free, simple, fast, memorable email


What a joke! With no
doubt, I have reported it to the Western Union officials. Sadly, I have not
found any organizations that deal with internet fraud, even on the metropolitan
police website, they said “we don’t deal with internet/auction fraud”

Have a look
at the phishing email (l@@k at the end the this emai, what a JOKE!!):


Dear ***,

         Western Union ® Auction Payments hereby congratulate you and at the
same time informing you once again that the ® Money OrderSM sent to you from
Mr.Dean Elliot  has been Approved.® Money OrderSM : £115. 00. Western Union®
Auction Payments has received your email address from Mr. Mr.Dean Elliot to
inform you of the order to have a £115. 00 Western Union® Money OrderSM sent to
you for:

Auction Item : Sony
MZ-N1 Blue Net MiniDisc Walkman

Auction Site  : Amazon

Please verify that the following address (as entered by the buyer) is  correct.

Name  :  ***

Address :***

City:     ***

State :  ***

Zip Code : ***

Country  : United Kingdom


        This order has been approved, we will send the above address payment in
5-7 business day. You can  now send the items to the buyer now.If you are a
registered seller at
, These payment will be activated in you account with as soon as you ship
and mail us the tracking number and if you are not registered make sure the
tracking number is mailed to us as soon as you ship the item to the buyer and as
soon as shipment is been confirmed and verified,you will rceive a notification
letter which will tell you the date you cheque is going to arrive at your place.
®Money OrderSM, And if you have any question, feel free to contact our customer
service (

***Note that payment can be sent to the seller only if the item purchased has
been sent to the buyer.***

     If you are about
to receive any other payment from western union auction payments,and it is not
like these,make sure you confirm  the payment from western union customercare
before you ship the items to the buyer ...

Thank you for using Western Union ® Auction Payments. We look forward serving
your online auction payment needs in the future.



Western Union Auction Payments.




Free, simple, fast,
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I have finally terminated my mobile phone contract with singlepoint although they phoned me twice to bribe me not to with some obvious bad deals.

The two mobile phone companies O2 and Vodaphone which most Chinese students use I presume, are all rubbish. In yesterday's BBC watchdog program, O2 was rated the worst mobile operator and vodaphoe, some people may say it is the most expensive crap.

I have found skype, which is a internet telephoe that just work and most importantly it is cheap. It costs me around 2 euro cents per minute for calling to either china or uk (landline or mobile), and no peak time charge, no xnetwork !! It's great isn't it?? A pay as you go sim would be far enough for me. GOOD BYE MOBILE CONTRACTs and Money leeching Mobile Operators!

SO SKYPE ME! my user name is " trivance "

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Letter from a "VERY RICH" guy

From :
Reply-To :

Sent :
17 January 2005 20:27:14
Subject :

We've identified this mail as junk. Please tell us if we were right or wrong by clicking Junk or Not Junk

Dear Friend,

My name is MR ANDREW STEWART a merchant in Dubai, in
the U.A.E. I have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer which
has defiled all forms of medical treatment and I have only a few
months to live, according to medical reports.
Though I am very rich, I have not particularly lived my life so well,
as I was never really generous towards anyone and only focused
on my business as that was the only thing I cared for. Now I
regret all that as I now know that there is more to life than money.
If given a second chance to live, I would be a blessing and a
significant part of people's live, especially the less privilege. Now
that it is too late for me to change, I urge you not to make the
same mistakes I made. I have willed and given most of my
property and assets to my immediate and extended family
members as well as a few close friends.
I pray for God's merciful for my soul and I have also decided
to give to charity organizations, as I want this to be one of
my last good deeds on earth. So far, I have distributed
money to some charity organizations in the U.A.E,
Sudan and Malaysia but cannot do this (personally) anymore
because of my deteriorated health.
I once asked members of my family to close one of my
accounts and distribute the money which I have there to
charity organization in Bulgaria and Pakistan, they refused
and kept the money to themselves. Hence, I do not trust them
anymore, as they seem not to be contended with what I have
left for them.
The last of my money which no one knows of is the huge
cash deposit of $18,000,000,00 that I have with a
finance/Security Company abroad. I will need your help
in collecting and dispatching it to charity organizations.
I have set aside 20% for you and for your time.

Please endeavour to contact me if you are willing.
God be with you.


========Anyone knows what below means? ================
Caro Amico, Il mio nome ?il SIG. ANDREW STEWART un il commerciante in Doubai, nei U.A.E. Sono stato diagnosticato con cancro esophageal che defiled tutte le forme del trattamento medico ed ho soltanto alcuni mesi da vivere, secondo i rapporti medici. Bench?sia molto ricco, non ho vissuto specialmente cos?bene la mia vita, poich?non ero mai realmente generoso verso chiunque e soltanto sono stato messo a fuoco sul mio commercio come quella era l'unica cosa che mi sono preoccupato per. Ora mi rammarico il tutto che mentre ora so che ci sono pi?a vita che i soldi. Se dato una seconda probabilit?vivere, sarei un blessing e una parte significativa di people's vive, particolarmente meno il privilegio. Ora che ?troppo ritardata per me per cambiare, li invito a non fare gli stessi errori che abbia fatto. Ho voluto e dato la maggior parte della miei propriet?e beni ai miei membri della famiglia immediata ed estesa cos? come alcuni vicino amici. Prego per God's merciful per la mia anima ed inoltre
ho deciso dar

Now it seems that I am so lucky, am I? haha, I couldn't believe anyone will be stupid enough to fall in this clumsy trick.

Anyway, I have decided to reply. Just wanna see how this so called merchant is going to convince me at the next stage. Looking forward to hearing from you soon with some ingenious backups, MR ANDREW STEWART .

Barbarian assault

Something outrageous happened on 13/Jan. My friend was attacked in her room by her housemate, another girl who is from the same country.

This annoyed me so much as I have never known such barbaric people were actually around us !

The whole story follows I will try to be objective.

My friend A is not getting on very well with one of her 5 house mates the main reason is that her house mate R uses her spoons and plates without permission constantly. Last Wednesday Rita is caught using A’s plate again. A said to Rita, “NOT A NEXT TIME” and later Rita went into A’s room without knocking and swear at A, calling her bitch, limmer etc.

FACT: Both A and Rita are in a state college doing A-level, they stay in college accommodation. But Rita has a boy friend Howard who left his own house rented outside and have been living in Rita’s room for more than 2 months without paying rents and which is obviously not allowed. And Rita’s boy friend Howard often brings guests from outside to the shared kitchen making mess and noise. NO one had ever complained in order to keep a so called “good relation”.

Since A is verbally abused by Rita, she had decided to report to the warden. The warden didn’t give a dam to Rita but phone Howard not to come to the house. Then minutes after A had been back to her room, Rita knocked and asked for a “talk”. A opened the door and told Rita she didn’t want to. Then Rita rushed into A’s room without permission and pushed A against the basin. Then Rita twisted A’s hand so that she is under control of Rita and then beat her to the ground and kick her stomach and lower back. Then scratched A’s fingers. During this attack, Rita was swearing constantly.
Thereafter Rita said to A, “you are not qualified to complain about me.” “I can do anything to you” and then went downstairs to the kitchen and break all A’s plates. ( Rita later cleaned the mess )

I was in London when I had received a phone call from my friend A. so I took a train to the town where the college is in. then we go straight to warden’s office and reported the attack. The warden went to the house with us and examined the kitchen and A’s room. The she had a talk with R and her boy friend, she asked Rita if she had attacked A and broken her plates, Rita’s answer was “NO, I didn’t and no one saw it”. She said the case is now in the book and will be solved on Friday.

10 minutes after the warden had left. Howard had gathered 5 of his friends to the house and asked me to have a chat outside. The semi-circled me against the fence and Howard started to ask me not to mention the attack tomorrow and make this incident as small as possible. BUT they refused to admitted Rita had attacked A and broken A’s plates. I said I will only tell the truth. They know I do not live in the town so that they threatened me “A will have to stay here for 2 years, who know what will happen in future?” etc many times. Then 5 of his friends went into the house, left me and Howard alone. Howard then admitted what his girl friend had done and asked me to sort it out privately and I refused. He then threatened me the some thing another few times. When the conversation was about to an end, I heard a screaming from A in the house so I got in immediately and saw one of them was kicking the door of A’s room. I then accompanied her ( crying and shaking) to the warden’s office again, when we came back, they were gone.

THE NEXT DAY ( Friday)

The tutor C and the accommodation manager J both came and try to sort this problem out. Rita finally admitted what she had done but had a “slightly different story” which is not known by me. Both C and J are trying to convince us not to report it to the police.

The solution given by them is
-Rita will move out to another house just 20 yards away. (the wording comes from their mouth is R agree to move and can’t be forced)
-Rita should pay for the damaged plates.
-Rita should say sorry

The Tutor then told everybody to keep away from both of A and Rita at least recently, and warned any abuse or manner will be taken seriously by sending a group email.

A was unable to attend her AS examination due to anxiety and hands shaking, she went to see a doctor in the afternoon.

END: Some time had passed, the head of the college had offered such 'final' solutions: "As for Rita, the situation is a little more complicated. I was unaware that Howard was in the house on Monday. This was unacceptable. They are supposed to be moving this afternoon into M2!!! Rita has offered to provide a written apology in English to A. We wanted it in English so the headmaster and I could understand it. Rita was prepared to pay for the damage to the plates but they could not agree a price. Therefore the headmaster will send the bill home to her parents in China and they will pay it. I hope this is the end of the matter.' --- By Tutor C

This incedent is the most obvious and also the complicated one I have ever encountered during my life in the UK. But I think the whole thing has been developing healthly towards what I want it to be. Although not perfect. I have to say that I could really send some people back to their home county and spoil all their lives, but considering that we are all not easy... such ending would not be my first choice. BUT all I want to say is, IF SUCH THING HAPPENS AGAIN, I WILL NEVER LET IT GO!! I will NEVER let anyone to hurt my friends.


AS I said,Howard called 5 of his friends and semi-circled me against the fence. ONE( say P) of them was particularly aggressive and even wanted to fight me but stopped by his fellows. I also reported this to the warden said I was intimidated.

When I was on the way with A to the doctor, I received a phone call from P, on the phone he swear at me. I can feel that he is afraid of being expelled because he said to if he is expelled he will hire somebody to beat me and will do something bad to my family.

Actually, I know those guy (friends of Howaed) knew little about the attack at the time they semi-circled me, they were just trying to help their ‘friend’ That was very stupid and this one P is the most hotheaded one among them. He wanted to be COOL and to stand out, being aggressive but I didn’t know he was a true coward until I had received his intimidating phone call. AND the call is made long long enough by himself for me to record parts of it. This matter was certainly reported to C the tutor.

I have received another phone call from P, but this one is nice.P has given his full apologies to me directly and sincerely to me and he also met A personally and offered his sincere apologies (not like Rita or Howard). He also promises to me that he will never hurt or threaten anyone.This phone call has convinced me that Paul is not dangerous to me or Rene and he was just hotheaded and not well-informed of the incident by Howard.Therefore I accept Paul's apologies and wish not to take it further
against him. And we could possibly be friend. After all, damning someone down to hell is not what I am looking for.


Yes, some people could face very severe punishment, but they did not. This does not necessarily mean that they will be ok. REMEMBER EVERYTHING IS ON FILE!!

I did consider to report it to the police, so I asked some british, here are some suggestions from them:

An OK ending I would say so far.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Tsunami Donations Comment

arg... another year, the second term of my university life have just begun.

The most upsetting news these days is certainly the tsunami in southeast asia on boxing day last year. I have been following all the information feed from all sorts of media it certainly is the most shocking disaster I have ever seen in my life. Big countries are in a competition of pledging donations, but how much aid will be actually delivered? Even China, which is a developing country who is still receiving help from developed countries pledges to give a lot(despite of many indonesian's hostilities to indonesian chinese)

Western countries are particularly generous this time, which amazes me. Yeah, because too many westerners were there on holiday at that time, the destruction and hard feelings were actually witnessed and felt by them and delivered back to their families. Western media are bombing the public with shocking statistics and images which are really touching and have the power to make people spare some of their pocket money. Some of the rich people are generous too, like Jackie Chan, Michael Schumacher, but what about Bill Gates (I know, just because I don’t like windows)?

Aids seems to be in favor of Sri Lanka, I heard that India refuses some donations just because its government want to show that India is capable to deal with its own matter just like how Chinese government dealt with Tang Shan Earth Quake which kills thousands of people years ago. 440 and possibly more than 2000 Britons were dead in southeast asia, is this the reason why British were so generous and the media were so keen on following?

Media is really powerful, not many people will notice people in places in Africa such as Sudan just because they don’t report or give limited coverage of information.